Burials​/​Exhausted Prayer Split LP

by Burials/Exhausted Prayer

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released January 13, 2017

Burials recorded with Fester at Haywire Studios in Portland, OR. Exhausted Prayer recorded with Benigno Esau at Near Alluvium Studios in North Hollywood, CA. Both were mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering in Portland, OR. Artwork & Layout by Joshum.


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Burials Portland, Oregon

Adam, Benjamin, and Isaac came together serendipitously with the hopes of starting a psych/prog band. this is what we did instead. Then Fester joined and things got really crazy. We hope you enjoy.

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Track Name: Burials - Ten Peaks
Ten Peaks
turquoise, translucent
ripples in the wind
glide across the surface
surrounded on all sides
by peaks reaching towards the sky
covered in white
reflecting the blindness of the stars
ice deep within crevices
slowly melting with seasons
expanding, contracting
but always withering in time
behind a thin veil of clouds and smoke
the burning aura of the sun continues to thaw
Track Name: Burials - Deep Glow
Deep Glow
it pulls to the edge of the world
as we race to the edge of the land
our feet sink into white sands
as the sun sinks into the sea
rippling emerald waters
stretched out before us
converging with the sky
in the curve of the horizon
glowing orange in the distance
growing darker every minute
and here rotation slows
existing in the deep glow
we let it linger, we let it burn
further in our flesh, further in our minds
leaving its mark, scarring inside
its radiance engulfed by the tide
saturating all our senses
the light turning us blind
we are consumed by infinite space
our atoms ablaze in flames of the sun
Track Name: Burials - Laccolith
the earth around it eroding
as thousands of years wash away
revealing columns of rock
once buried deep in the dirt
but now it looms above us
sacred in the sun
its power can’t be denied
it’s in our veins. it’s in our eyes
its strength endures
as we lose our way
engulfed by its shadow
as daylight fades
in its silhouette
we are filled with wonder
with the essence
of what it is to be alive
an undying symmetry
born of stone
while our bodies leave behind
only bones
Track Name: Burials - White River
White River
a wall of ice glistening
its round contours curve
shimmering in the sun
between fields of soft white
it guides the water
rushing and roaring over rock
the torrent bursting until the edge
where there’s no choice but to fall
from below comes vapor
a cloud of liquid dust
rising up to meet us
from the canyon of frost beneath
it coats our fabric and flesh
penetrating to bone
Track Name: Exhausted Prayer - Garden (Forest Hallucination)
Garden (or Forest Hallucination)

Back to this cavernous dwelling
A dim red light, intoxicating
A journey for much needed change
An eerie silence, a fork in the road

Screams in the night, escape
Go back to your kingdom of shadows
Barefoot in the dark, lost in the forest

An endless maze
In moonlit shades of green
Weary and trembling
I collapse in the garden
Track Name: Exhausted Prayer - Sewer (Shitgazer)
Sewer (or Shitgazer)

The stench of spoiled cities fills the air
Monuments of failure, now ruined everywhere
A faded memory, my only hope
Now rotting in pestilence
We wait for death to come

The sewer, a dark and desperate place
The final refuge of the human race
All knowledge erased and replaced with dirt
Mankind set free to waste and destroy the earth

Foul odor by now the norm
Try to survive the world of coliform
Bitter and resigned, the end of time
Defiled planet, turned water into slime

The stories of old disputed myths
How could rivers and streams have turned to piss
All of our guardians long since deceased
Generations with nothing, all life is a disease
Track Name: Exhausted Prayer - Infinite Shadow (A Thirst Unquenched)
Infinite Shadow (or A Thirst Unquenched)

Mining the shadows of the moon
Testing the limits of man's design
Desperate to acquire that most precious resource
Only off-world is the last vestige unsoiled

Stuttering machines pierce the barren rock
Extracting elixir from the depths
The shadows yield their frozen primordial cache

The transient force that flows through us all
The purity of our essence
Worth more than oil, more than gold, more than bombs
The source of life itself

A silent veil of plasma rains unannounced from above
The angry eye churns forth a wave of death like no weapon ever seen
The vengeful star blots out the fragile forms

In one lonely gasp, the blood no longer flows
The machine grinds to a halt

The fountain of salvation dries into dust
Track Name: A Grim Homecoming (or Mocked by Fallow Fields)
A Grim Homecoming (or Mocked by Fallow Fields)

Damn near ages
Since I have known the comfort of my own land and my own home
Journeys abroad
Of both mind and body
Have come to make a weary man

Mockery! I am scorned by fallow fields
Suicide! May my blood quench the barren earth

The bitter truth of safety-torn-away
Ashes in my mouth
My mother, my father, my lover, my brothers
My companions laid to rest


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