by Burials

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Our debut record.


released March 14, 2009



all rights reserved


Burials Portland, Oregon

Adam, Benjamin, and Isaac came together serendipitously with the hopes of starting a psych/prog band. this is what we did instead. Then Fester joined and things got really crazy. We hope you enjoy.

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Track Name: Nova
this is our folly. this is our failure. we force-feed. until we fucking burst. in unison we crumble. cascading together. nothing left to deny. illuminated as we collide. this desperation. surrounding us in shadow. choking what is left. with every breath. we can feel it wash away. forging a clean slate. blank walls from failure. for another coat of paint.
Track Name: Synthetic
the echo of locking doors. it resonates forever. maybe we can forget. the hope on the other side. making us cold and still. but buried deep we’ll always know. what cowards we truly are. and that this is our defeat. Sever our eyelids. and bind our limbs. surround us in plastic walls. here we can finally live . sterile peaceful perfect lives.
Track Name: Pale Horse Rides
Pale Horse Rides
darkness descends. a vast desert. dust sweeps the ground. beneath our feet. here in this hell. of our own creation. nothing stirs. here where nothing grows. blackness reaches. into infinity. through the lens of saturated night. comes a flicker of light. on the horizon. the daystars light. burns out forever. we trudge forward. like moths to the flame. death waiting to kiss our skulls.
Track Name: Wizard Lock
Wizard Lock
capillaries entwine. convulsing our limbs. hollow and calloused. a shell left in ruins. splintering bones tear through flesh. searing of salt, eyes tremoring. only a whimper escapes the tongue. with no voice to tell what’s broken. the magnet for our failures. straining on our weakest strings. and we always seem to succumb. maybe just this once. we will shed our skin
Track Name: Among the Embers
Among the Embers
tremble at the walls. rising in front of us. bound and broken. vacant smiles fill the halls. it will come crashing down. our fate written in the stars. they drift down. and scorch the earth. among the embers. of those whose eyes. were sewn shut long ago. to deny the rising flames. together we burn. in the failure of our creation.